Antibody therapy lecanemab removes clumps of protein called beta amyloid that builds up in brain Researchers have hailed the dawn of a new era of Alzheimer’s therapies after a clinical trial confirmed that a drug slows cognitive decline in patients with early stages of the disease. The result comes after […]

Tory-led Essex authority is on brink of bankruptcy and has appealed to government for emergency bailout A Tory-led council has admitted a series of disastrous investments in risky commercial projects caused it to run up an unprecedented deficit of nearly £500m and brought it to the brink of bankruptcy. The […]

Jury convicts leader of rightwing group which supported Trump’s attempt to overturn 2020 election Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the rightwing Oath Keepers militia, has been found guilty of seditious conspiracy, a charge arising from the attack on the US Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump. Rhodes and co-defendant Kelly […]