Comedian accused of rape thanks followers for their support in first public comments since allegations Russell Brand has posted a new video online describing the allegations of rape and sexual assault against him in the past week as “extraordinary and distressing” while accusing the government of seeking to censor him. […]

Exclusive: Poll finds fewer than a quarter of people trust PM to tackle climate crisis after policy U-turn Only 22% of people trust Rishi Sunak to tackle the climate crisis after his announcement that he will weaken the UK’s net zero policies. An exclusive poll for the Guardian found that […]

Exclusive: Sources say law could gradually increase smoking age to ultimately prevent sales to people born after certain year Rishi Sunak is considering introducing some of the world’s toughest anti-smoking measures that would in effect ban the next generation from ever being able to buy cigarettes, the Guardian has learned. […]

UK climate watchdog said policy change would make it more difficult to meet legal commitments Rishi Sunak is likely to face a series of legal challenges aimed at thwarting his plans to U-turn on net zero policies amid further international condemnation of the proposals. Though the prime minister sought to […]

Deputy prime minister to urge UN general assembly to create international regulatory system Artificial intelligence is developing too fast for regulators to keep up, the UK’s deputy prime minister is to announce as he aims to galvanise other countries to take the threat seriously in advance of the UK’s AI […]