NHS England could have 12,500 extra doctors and nurses a year by 2028 under the service’s first long-term workforce plan Thousands more doctors and nurses will be trained in England every year as part of a government push to plug the huge workforce gaps that plague almost all NHS services. […]

Police fire teargas at rioters as 6,000 march through Nanterre to protest against shooting of 17-year-old Violence has erupted for a third consecutive night in France as Emmanuel Macron struggles to contain mounting anger after the fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old boy of north African descent during a traffic […]

Minister tells Guardian government has ‘no grasp’ of cost involved in preventing possible collapse The government has “no true grasp on the costs” involved in preventing a collapse of Thames Water, with estimates presented to ministers and regulators suggesting the company could be facing a hole of £10bn in its […]

Fees for accessing UK seabeds help boost profits to £443m while King Charles says some of surplus will go towards public good The crown estate has generated record profits of almost half a billion pounds from Britain’s offshore windfarms, as talks continue over how much of the windfall should be […]

Exclusive: Extraordinary levels of absence fuelled by anxiety, illness and cost of living crisis ‘His safe space is at home’: parents on why their children are absent from school One in 10 GCSE-year pupils have been absent from school in England each day this year, up 70% since before the […]