Afghanistan: Taliban close in on Kabul as last government stronghold in north falls – live updates

Capital hit by blackout as insurgent fighters reach outskirts and western nations race to evacuate citizens

The animated version of the map I posted earlier:

Time lapse video of the Taliban’s offensive when it began taking over provincial capitals and provinces.

From Bill Roggio, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defence Democracies:

The Taliban has entered Jalalabad and has reached the police station. Taliban advance appears to be unopposed. See thread below. Status of city is unclear, likely Taliban controlled. If so, this means Kabul is now effectively surrounded, all major roads to Kabul are closed.

It I undeniable, Jalalabad is now under Taliban control. Given the city’s importance to the province, Nangarhar is now assessed as Taliban controlled. Whatever pockets of possible resistance exist won’t exist for long. Kabul is effectively surrounded.

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